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Good Morning Psychos! 😈
– Very volatile day yesterday with indexes fading all session with a surprising surge into close where names across the board finished at or over the day’s highs.
– Keep in mind we have FOMC decision on Wednesday, expect indecision going into the event.
– Everything else is relatively quiet for the moment, wait for the markets to give A+ setups as the VIX is at $31.70.

SOUN 195 million shares, 1.7 million volume. New listing, moving on volatile trading.
FTRP 32 million float, 4 million volume. Shares are surging, announced days ago they will be separating business units and issuing new shares.
HCDI 9 million float, 2.5 million volume. Going back into the multifamily real estate market.
WDC 300 million float, 700k volume. Moving on news that Elliot Management has called for a strategic review and separation of business units, and has offered a $1 billion incremental equity capital to facilitate the separation. Sees over $100 per share in 2023 with about a 100% upside. This comes on the back of earnings call where revenue and earnings estimates were beat.
ASTS 38 million float, 120k volume. Space penny stock, moving on the announcement that they’ve gotten FCC Experimental license for BluWalker 3 Satellite.
BLBX 7.5 million float, 170k volume. Real small float, recent mover. Name is starting to circulate in day trading communities.
BOIL 103k volume. Natural Gas ETF going absolutely bonkers into All Time High ranges over $100.

SPY Main Pivot $415. Supports below $413.50, $412, $410. Resistance above $417, $419, $420.
QQQ Main pivot $319. Supports below $317, $315, $313.50, $312. Resistance above $320, $322.50, $325.
MSFT Main pivot $285. Supports below $282.50, $280, $278.50. Resistance above $287.50, $290.
AAPL Main pivot $158. Supports below $157, $156, $155. Resistance above $159, $160, $162.
TSLA Main pivot $908. Supports below $900, $890, $875, $865, $850. Resistance above $915, $930, $940, $950.
NVDA Main pivot $195.75. Supports below $194, $192, $190. Resistance above $198, $200.
WDC Main pivot $60. Supports down $57.40, $55. Resistance above $64, $68, $70.


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