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Good Morning Psychos! 😈
– Markets are very red this pre market, as they have been all overnight. Bearish market really accelerating now. Watch for pops to be shorted until they are not.
– Penny stocks very quiet this morning with some muted earnings calls to the upside. All the big movements seem to be down this morning pre market.
– Most things including main indexes SPY and QQQ are near 52 week lows, so supports will be most recent lows and continue on the puts side as those supports continue to break.
– The Chaos in the cryptocurrency markets continues with Bitcoin once again plunging under $30k and the UST stablecoin in shambles trading under 40% under of its supposed peg to the dollar. related names are off a cliff.
– The PPI Producer Price Index came in at 11% much hotter than expected which evidences signs of persistent inflation, this is not very good at all as it justifies or even pressure for more agressive action to curb inflation.

RIDE 23 million float, 1 million volume. Announced it weill be selling Ohio factory to Foxconn
CPNG 1 billion float, 1.3 million volume. Shares trading higher after the company beatr expectations on earnings call.
BMBL 130 million volume, 82k volume. Reported results which beat expectations.

SPY Main Pivot $390. Supports below $388, $385. Resistance above $392, $395.
QQQ Main pivot $289. Supports below $287, $285, $283, $280.. Resistance above $$291.50, $293, $295.
MSFT Main pivot $258. Supports below $256, $252, $250.. Resistance above $260, $263, $265.
AAPL Main pivot $145. Supports below $143, $142, $141, $140. Resistance above $146.50, $148.50, $150
TSLA Main pivot $710. Supports below $700, $680, $655. Resistance above $820, $840, $850.
NVDA Main pivot $164. Supports below $162, $160. Resistance above $167, $169, $170.


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