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Good Morning Psychos! 😈
– Stocks are looking up pre market after extended selloff yesterday.
– SPY and QQQ both at big round supports at $400 and $300 respectively. Both able to defend yesterday so far.
– President Biden speech today around 11:30am to address inflation ahead of tomorrow’s CPI reading.
– Markets still real volatile, but can see some relief at these big support levels. A lot will swing depending on the delivery of Biden speech this morning.
– Markets looking green as the dip was bought overnight. Will have to see how it holds up into Biden speech and rest of day into tomorrow CPI reading.

BHVN 62 milion float, 800k volume. to be bought out by Pfizer for $11.6 billion.
VRM 130 million float, 11 million volume. Announced earnings and loss was less than expected, and management approved business restructuring.
VTNR 45 million float, 700k volume. Reported earnings and topped earnings estimates big, while missing sales.
KXIN moving on news that its signed order for sale of 10,000 trucks.
STIM 23 million float, 2.2 million volume. Announced FDA clearance for its transcranial magnetic stimulation system as adjunct for treating patients suffering from obsessive compulsive disorder.

SPY Main Pivot $402.5. Supports below $400, $398. Resistance above $404.5, $406, $410.
QQQ Main pivot $302.5. Supports below $300, $297. Resistance above $306, $309.5, $311.50, $313.50
MSFT Main pivot $270. Supports below $267, $265, $263.. Resistance above $273, $275, $277.
AAPL Main pivot $155. Supports below $154, $1530, $152. Resistance above $156, $157, $158, $159.
TSLA Main pivot $805. Supports below $795, $780, $755. Resistance above $820, $840, $850.
NVDA Main pivot $175. Supports below $172, $170, $169. Resistance above $177, $180, $183.


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