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Good Morning Psychos! 😈
– Yesterday was red out of the gate which saw a continued selloff into close.
– Russia comments to not downplay threat of nuclear war, according to Bloomberg.
GOOG & MSFT reported earnings yesterday and now all eyes are on FB (Meta) as well as PYPL F QCOM NOW which all report after hours.
TWTR Twitter will see the sale go through to Elon Musk, whom apparently will take it private as soon as possible at $54.20 per share.

COSM 10 million float, 6.5 million volume. Watch over $2.90 break and over $3.00 surging rapidly since yesterday after hours.
MAT 350 million float, 46k volume. Surging on reports of a possible buyout.
AFIB 22 million float, 8.8 million volume. Announced refinanced agreements to support growth, including $50m upfront cash payment.
NUTX 300 million float, 2 million volume. New listing moving in big big ranges on merger news with CLINIGENCE.
ENPH 130 million float, 43k volume. (high priced). Stock surging on the back of earnings call.
SPOT reported earnings, and beat on estimates for revenue from ads and user growth.
V Reported earnings and beat estimates amid rising consumer spending in Q1.
MSFT Reported earnings and beat estimates on cloud strength.
TMUS Reported earnings and beat on estimates as well as user growth. Stock is surging pre market.
GOOG Reported earnings and slightly missed on revenue and earnings estimates on youtube ad slowdown. stock is gapping down.

SPY Main pivot $419. Supports below $417.50$416, $414, $410. Resistance above $420, $422.50, $424.50. (around $414 is a big level to $410)
QQQ Main pivot $319. Supports below $316.85, $315, $312. Resistance above $322, $323.50, $325. ($316 is a big level)
TSLA Main pivot $900 Supports below $880, $860, $850, $830. Resistance above $930, $960.
MSFT Main pivot $280. Supports below $275, $270, $265. Resistance above $285, $290. ($270 is a big level)
GOOG Main pivot $2300. Support below $2230, $2270. Resistance above $2335, $2380.
FB Main pivot to downside $175. Below that freefall to $160 looks like.


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