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Good Morning Psychos! 😈
– Big one this morning is that Twitter is reportedly reconsidering the takeover bid presented by Elon Musk as pressure from shareholders increased. According to Bloomberg a final deal could be announced as soon as today.
– This is the start of a huge earnings week that will have AAPL AMZN MSFT FB reporting and others as well like V PYPL MMM MCD F BA ROKU QCOM and more.
– Futures were pointing down all weekend, attempting a slight bounce here pre market will have to see how the session holds up.

NKTX 19 million float, 9 million volume. Announced positive phase 1 data and Mizuho reiterated an $81 price target while the stock closed Friday around $8.
ARDX 123 million float, 14 million volume. Announced the FDA convened a panel meeting as its treatment moves closer to a potential approval.
SBFM 6.5 million float, 2.6 million volume. notorious low float runner stock. Announced its filed a patent application covering recently announced mRNA molecules found to be effective at targeting cancer cells.

SPY Main pivot $$424.50. Supports below $423, $422, $421, $420. Resistance above $426, $427, $428.50.
QQQ Main pivot $324.75. Supports below $323.50, $322, $320. Resistance above $326, $327, $328.70.
TSLA Main pivot $985. Supports below, $975, $960. Resistance above $996, $1005.
TWTR Main pivot $51. Supports below $50, $48.69. Resistance above $52.15, $53.10.
AAPL Main pivot $161. 50. Supports below $161, $160, $159. Resistance above $162, $163, $164.
MSFT Main pivot $273.75. Supports below $271.70, $270. Resistance above $276, $278.50, $280.
DE Main pivot to the downside $395. Supports below, $390, $387, $385, $380. Resistance above $400. (was downgraded by BofA)


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