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Good Morning Psychos! 😈
– In contrast to NFLX disaster performance on and after the earnings call, TSLA stock is surging after the earnings call.
– Additionally UAL and AAL are surging on Q2 2022 outlook. Watch other airlines and travel stocks for potential sympathy. (ABNB EXPE)

– Regarding the Ukraine situation, in a turn of events Putin has called that Russia has seized Mariupol while there are apprently still 2000 opposing troops still holed up in an industrial complex. Very unfurtonate.

CRXT 7 million float, 6million volume. Surging in anticipation of new data presentation on JATENZO, its testosterone oral softgel replacement therapy candidate.
MULN 208 million float, 8.9 million volume. Small EV name, popular in day trading communities. Announced that it was to conduct solid-state polymer battery cell testing with a Battery Innovation Center in Indiana.
RDBX 8 million share float, 2.6 million volume. No news, just surging on momentum risky one.
AAL 641 million float, 7 million volume. Reported earnings and had forecasted it expects Q2 capacity at 92%-94% of 2019 levels.
UAL 323 million share float, 525k volume. Reported earnings, and forecasted that on Q2 they expect highest revenue in the company’s history.
TSLA 843 million float, 857k volume. Announced earnings and beat on both EPS and Revenue. Additionally forecasted a multi year 50% growth in vehicle deliveries.

SPY Main pivot $448.50. Supports below $447.25, $446, $444. Resistance above $450, $451.30, $453, $455.
QQQ Main pivot $345. Support below $342, $340, $338.25. Resistance above $346.50, $348, $350.
TSLA Main pivot $1060. Support below $1040, $1025, $1005. Resistance above $1080, $1090, $1100, $1115.
AMD Main pivot $95. Supports below $94, $93, $92. Resistance above $96, $97, $98.50.
AAL $21.80 breakout level. Support below $21.10, $20.50. Resistance above $22.35, $23.
UAL Main pivot $50, Support below $49. Resistance above $51.50, $52.50, $54.
WMT Main pivot $160. Supports below $159.25, $158.25. Resistance above $161.25, then blue skies.


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