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Good Morning Psychos! ūüėą
– This should be an interesting week given we have CPI, PPI and a short week given observance of Good Friday.

– Markets are lower this pre-market probably in anticipation to the uncertainty this week. Be extra patient and extra careful when managing risk, this is not a week to be a hero. Respect stop losses, and move them up as your trades become profitable as much as reasonable.
– Keep an eye on SPY and QQQ for clues, as well as on the VIX for any potential increase of uncertainty and choppiness in the markets.

IVDA 12m shares, 4m volume. Unveiled Utilus smart pole technology, sets the standard for a true smart city.
VERU 80m shares, 3.5m volume. Announced its novel covid treatment reduces deaths by 55% in hospitalized patients in interim analysis of phase 3 study.
SAIL 95m shares, 1.4m volume. To be acquired by Thoma Bravo for $6.1 billion.
AFMD 120m shares, 1.7m volume. Shared positive data on an interim analysis of a phase 1/2 study for a blood treatment for cancer therapy.
AIM 46m shares, 5.6m volume. released positive data for a phase 1 study on stage 4 triple negative breast cancer. Additionally announced positive data from phase 2 study for a treatment of colorectal cancer metastatic to the liver.
SHOP is planning a 10-1 split. share are startinf to react positively.
TWTR Elon Musk after disclosing a 9% stake, has declined a board seat shares are lower.

SPY Main pivot $445. Supports below $443.80, $442, $440. Resistance above $446.75, $448, $450.
QQQ Main pivot $346. Supports $344.80, $343.70, $342. Resistance above $347, $348.50, $350.
TSLA Main pivot $985. Supports below $$975, $965, $955. Resistance above $996, $1005, $1015.
SHOP Main pivot $617. Supports below $605, $600, $590. Resistance above $625, $640, $650.
TWTR Main pivot $45.80. Supports below $45, $44.50, $43.50, $42.50. REsistance above $47, $48.70, $50.


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