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Good Morning Psychos!
– So yesterday a slower controlled selloff in the morning, consolidation and then some serious volatility to close out the day upon the release of the FOMC minutes.
– Seems like FOMC participants are getting ready to beging the asset reduction of the FED balance sheet, as soon as the next meeting in May, and that a 0.50 basis point hike or even higher is not totally off the table. MArkets are grappling to price this in for the moment it would seem.
– Initial Jobless claims came in at 166k vs expected 200k, continuing claims came in at 1.52 million vs 1.3 million expected. this shows a market labor which is in recovery, on the FED’s main mandates. with a strong labour market it sets the possibility for them to increase the rate hikes.
– Futures recovered a bit, overnight but came down to open mostly flat. Continue to pay attention to the SPY and QQQ for clues on how individual names may react.

HTGM 8m shares, 5m volume. Announced expanded features of propietary sample preparation protocol for its miRNA whole transcriptome assay.
MNTS 81m shares, 12m volume. Announced it has signed a launch services agreement with SpaceX.
MDVL 32m shares, 2.5m volume. Getting some attention after Ally Bridge Group reported a $21million purchase.
SBFM 7m shares, 5.7m volume. Moving for days on announcement that its newly designed mRNA molecules are effective against other drug resistnat cancers.
SEED 6m shares, 140k volume. Got a purchase agreement for 50k metric tons of its Nutritionally enhanced corn.

SPY Main pivot $446.80. Supports below $445.50, $444, $442, $440. Resistance above $448, $450, $451.75.
QQQ Main pivot $354. Supports down $353, $351.60, $350. Resistance above $355, $356.50, $357.50, $359, $360.
TSLA Main pivot $1060. Supports down $1040, $1025, $1010. $1000. Resistance above $1080, $1090, $2000.
TWTR Main pivot $51.10. Supports below $50, $48.69, $47. Resistance above $52.15, $53.10, $54.50.
NVDA Main pivot $245. Supports below $243.75, $241.50, $240. Resistance above $247.50, $250.
AMD Main pivot $104.50. Supports below $103.85, $103, $102, $100. Resistance above $105.20, $106, $107, $108, $109, $110.
SHOP Main pivot $660. Supports down $650, $640. Resistance above $668, $675, $685, $693, $700.
UPST Main pivot $98. Supports below $96.50, $95, $93.80. Resistance above $100, $102.50, $105.


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