Good Morning Psychos!
– Couple of names on the scanner but nothing too crazy, realtively quiet in comparison to other days.
– Stocks are mostly flat and somewhat undecided pre market and overnight.
– No new developments copming out of the Russia Ukraine situation, things are still unfolding.
– Look for SPY and QQQ for clues on how individual names could move in sentiment
– After such a nice runup the last weeks, and with things fading a bit here pre market into the open, leaning bearish out the gate and for things to settle into a direction as the day progresses.

SBFM 7m shares, 14m volume. Announced their new mRNA Molecules prove effective against multidrug resistant Cancer Cells.
RCON 25m shares, 4.3m volume. Shares trading higher after a co-founder, Shenping Yin increased his stake to 50%.
SST 36m shares, 350k volume. Announced Q4 reusults and shares are exploding higher. They reported 47% revenue growth YoY and increased guidance for 2022.
GFAI 30m shares, 1.8m volume. Announced the expansion of additional features for robots powered by an Intelligent Cloud Platform in Macau.
ANY 55m shares, 1.8m volume. Announced they have named Patricia Trompeter CEO and Duncan McEwan to transition to Chairman of the Board.

SPY Main pivot $456. Supports down $455.50, $455, $454, $453. Resistance above $456.90, $457.50.
QQQ Main pivot $368.50. Supports down $367, $365.20, $363.60. Resistance above $370.30, $373.
AAPL Main pivot $178. Supports down $177.50, $177, $176.40. Resistance above $178.55, $179, $179.60.
TSLA Main pivot $1140. Supports down $1135, $1125, $115, $1100. Resistance above $1150, $1160, $1175.
NVDA Main pivot $273.50. Supports below $272.30, $270.70, $269. Resistance above $275, $276.70, $278.50, $280.50.
AMD Main pivot $110.55. Supports below $109.25, $108, $107. Resistance above $111.70, $113.50
SHOP Main pivot $730. Supports below $720, $700, $693. Resistance above $737, $745, $755.


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