Good Morning Psychos! ­čśł
– The Rally that the markets have staged in the last two weeks has been nothing short of historical. Crazy to think that the SPY is back to only 20 points below its ATH.
– SPY well over the 200MA and the QQQ is making an attempt today pre market to reclaim this case the $368.50 level.
– At the moment seems like former high p/e names have still lots of upside those like big tech and growth companies.
– Despite the concerns over rising interest rates, there is aggressive buying at the dips, institutional and retail as well, as well as buyback programs which reached record levels in 2022.
– Things seem to be moving in a positive way between the┬áUkraine and Russia peace talks as far as we can tell.
– For longs watch for profit taking on names and then curling to the upside out of the gate.

GFAI┬á30m shares, 13m volume. Announced its creating subsidiaries in Australia to roll out Robotics as a service. Very low float, and known former runner, worth it to keep on watch. watch for a potential pullback into last support $1.35 and curling or a jump straight out of the gate over pre-market highs into $2’s
HYMC 60m shares, 40m volume. Hot penny stock at the moment going viral and surging on heavy trading. $2.20 is last support and $2.50 over that. watch for profit taking and one of those supports to hold for curling back up potentially.
EPAM 56m shares, 100k volume. Higher priced low float on the tech sector. Very volatile, very beaten down and coming back up, fast.
LOVE 15m shares, 150k volume. Reported earnings and beat sales and grew EPS by 47%, stock is surging. nice mid price low float with fundamental positive catalyst.

SPY Main pivot $458.50. Supports down $457.50, $456.25, $455. Resistance above $460.50, $462, $464, $465.
QQQ Main pivot $368.50. Supports below $367, $365, $363. Resistance above $370, $373, $375.
TSLA Main pivot $115. Supports below $1100, $1090, $1080. Resistance above $1125, $1140, $1160.
NVDA Main pivot $289. Supports below $287, $285, $282.59. Resistance above $290, $293.75, $296.50
UPST Main pivot $111. Supports $108, $105, $100. Resistance above $114, $115.60, $118, $120.
BABA Main pivot $118. Supports $115, $113. resistance $119.50, $121, $124.


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