Good Morning Psychos! 😈
– Yesterday was the first red day for the SPY, and second for the QQQ in the insane 6 day rally that it has staged. The SPY has reclaimed the 200MA, and the QQQ has reclaimed the 50MA. I can see a scenario where the QQQ pushes up to reclaim 200MA and cath up.
– In recent remarks J Powell hinted that a .50 basis hike is not out of the question as inflation is too high.
– Jobless claims fell to 187k vs 210k expected, setting a 5 decade low.
– Bitcoin trades around $42.4k
– Russia/Ukraine continues with ongoing developments with no major shift in the war at the moment.
MFH 14m shares, 4.2m volume. a true low lfoat penny stock moving on volume and speculation, risky as they come.
BVXV 14m shares, 3.7m volume. Signed a definitive agreement to start developing new innovative nanosized antibody therapies with attractive commercial opportunities down the road.
FSRD 73m shares, 1.7m volume. New listing moving on speculation and a bottomed out chart, small float, earnings are on March 30. watch for either a selloff to supports around $1.90-$2.00 for a rounding off before freversing. or a surge out of the gate into $2.65, $3, $3.40. If $1.90 breaks invalid.
NKLA 420m shares, 4.4m volume. Shares are rising after they have said they started production on their electric truck. If it can hold $10 support in a potential profit taking selloff in ht emorning watch it for continuation upward into $11s, overall EVs have had strength.
BBIG 136m shares, 1m volume. Notorious penny stock among day trading communities, reclaiming the 50MA after bottoming out, breaking a flag to the upside today pre market. this one can go wild, deff worth watching.
SPOT announced GOOG will put their GooglePay system in their platform for use. shares are rising.

SPY Main pivot $446. Supports below $444.75, $443.40, $441. Resistance above $447.10, $448.50, $450.
QQQ Main pivot $354. Supports below $353.25, $352, $350. Resistance above $355, $356.50, $357.50.
AMZN Main pivot $3280. Supports below $3260, $3230, $3200. Resistance above $3300, $3325.
TSLA Main pivot $1015. Supports below $1005, $996, $986. Resistance above $1025, $1040.
NVDA Main pivot $261. Supports below $259, $256. Resistance above $263, $265, $267, $269.

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