Good Morning Psychos! 😈
– The beginning of the week, the theme on the scanner was penny stocks, yesterday the theme was China names, and this morning Oil stocks are getting lots of attention today, especially lower float and lower priced oil stocks.
– This morning Bloomberg circulating an article that the Kremlin denies that there are positive progress in the negotiations between Ukraine and Russia, but that talks will continue. On Friday Biden is se to speak with China’s Xi regarding the situation.
– Yesterday the FED announced a 0.25 basis point hike, and expects 6 more rate hikes in the remainder of the year.
– Inflation prints are expected to continue to come elevated as supply chain concerns persist. Crude Oil back up to $100.
– Bitcoin trading around $41k this morning.
MULN 35m shares, 23m volume. Small penny EV maker that is trending on trading communities with a small float. Watch for profit taking out the gate, and a pullback into $2.00 or around $1.80 as last support. we could see $2.50 today if it gets momentum.
IMPP 5m shares, 6.3m volume. Penny oil name getting attention today, runner from some days ago and trending on trading communities. Watch for a retrace into $2.10s and then reversal for a pre market high test into $2.50 and then higher possibly.
INDO 7.5m shares, 400k volume. Super volatile oil penny name, Watch for it to hold high $20’s all day and a potential squeeze set up with a 60% short float. Small sizes only heres this is a volatile and violent one with large spreads.
ENSV 11m shares, 370k volume. Another small penny oil name that is very active this morning, watch support around $3.00 and reversal or curling upward.
NINE 32m shares, 350k volume. Oil penny name. same watch it for profit taking down to $2.50’s and then a potential reversal upward.
HUSA 10m shares, 1m volume. Another hot penny oil name, Watch it for a retrace into $5.60 and if it can hold, a potential reversal upward on oil momentum.

SPY Main pivot $435. Supports down $434, $432.70, $431.50, $430. Resistance above $436, $437, $439, $441.
QQQ Main pivot $338.50 Supports down $337, $335, $333. Resistance above $340, $342, $343.5, $345.
AMZN Main pivot $3035. Supports down $3000, $2980, $2965, $2950. Resistance above $3050, $3065, $3080, $3100.
TSLA Main pivot $830. Supports down $820, $810, $800. Resistance above $841, $850, $855, $865.
NVDA Main pivot $242.50. Supports down $240, $237, $235, $232.50. Resistance above $245, $247.50, $250.

This is an idea generation watchlist. We follow and trade these stocks daily on our discord here is the link <. >.