Good Morning Psychos! 😈
So couple of things to keep in mind.:
– It is not uncommon to see a relief rally after a selloff like we saw yesterday with names approaching big support levels.
– However, VIX is at $32 giving any bull run attempts a really hard time. Watch for pushes to the upside that might not be sustainable.
– Tomorrow wednesday we get the FED decision regarding interest rates, expect volatility on that. 
– Lastly, now we have new China covid concerns hindering suopply chains for big US companies, like AAPL, and on top there are rumors that China expressed openness to aid Russia with military.
– In all guys, we might get a bull run or push, but with this amount of uncertainty in the near horizon it is not a moment to feel bad if you stay on the sidelines or on small positions for a bit. this is a risk taker, gamblers world right now. Extremely choppy and difficult to trade, no joke.
– On another note AAL and DAL pushing hard on news their businesses are seeing nice recoveries.
HYMC 60m shares, 40m volume. Metal Miner that just announced AMC is buying a 22% stake along with another investment by Eric Sprott, a known metals investor. Want to see it either break $3 in a push out the gate, or as a bounce from $2.50, $2.20 or $2.00 as last support. under $2.00 invalid.
GFAI 30m shares, 5m volume. Recently announced purchase agreement to expand Robotics as a service in China’s Greater Bay area. Wanto to see it hold 1.00 and cvontinue with volume to $1.35 and potentially break out. under $1.00 invalid.
AGRI 15m shares, 3.6m volume. Agriculuture-focused play. Watch it for a retrace into $3.70 or $3.55 as last support. Looks like a high chance to test $5.00 today and potentially break out. Trending on fintwit and discord trading communities.

SPY Main pivot $420. Supports below $418.3, $416.50, $414, $412. Resistance above $421.30, $423, $425.
QQQ Main pivot $320. Supports below $317.70, $315.70. Resistance above $322.50, $325.
AMZN Main pivot $2875. Support down $2850, $2825, $2800. Resistance above $2900, $2930.
AAPL Main pivot $152. Supports below $150.80, $149.25. Resistance above $153.70, $155.
TSLA Main pivot $770. Support down $755, $743, $730. Resistance above $778, $785, $790, $800.
NVDA Main pivot $216. Support down $213, $210, $207. Resistance above $217.50, $220, $22.50

This is an idea generation watchlist. We follow and trade these stocks daily on our discord here is the link <. >. The plays from yesterday… 👇🏼