The World of Microcap Stocks

When investors think of microcaps, they mistakenly assume the term refers to penny stocks. But that’s not the case. There are fundamental differences between a microcap and a penny stock. For starters, buying penny stocks is a lot more like gambling than it is investing, based more on hype and speculation than any sort of … Read more

A Watchlist Short Story That Improved my Trading

A Watchlist is an essential tool for any trader, as it is the place we keep interesting stocks, new ideas and other instruments that allow us to understand the market. Over my journey as a trader, I have learned to appreciate the importance of this watchlist as it is the first place I go to … Read more

Dark Pool Trading

As retail investors and traders, we are largely accustomed to participating in the major exchanges like the NYSE or NASDAQ. However, about 20% to 40% of the transactions happen outside these major exchanges in platforms called Dark Pools. These are privately regulated exchanges that are not available to a retail investor. In existence there must … Read more

Tips and Secrets from a Psycho Trader

Becoming a successful trader is one of the most difficult career choices anybody can make. Although the potential for success is enormous, achieving consistent profitability is extremely difficult. I’m sure at some point, for all of us who navigate these tricky waters, at some point or another we doubted the choice to trade. However, if … Read more

5 Practical tips to improve Risk Management

Having good risk management practices is fundamental to any trading or investing strategy, as it will help to keep potential losses in our pockets. As the Oracle of Omaha always puts it “Rule #1 is not to lose any money, and rule #2 is never to forget rule #1”. At the end of the game, … Read more

Strangle your way into profits

Having a strategy in the stock market is key to the success of any trader. Therefore, it is imperative that as traders, we keep expanding our toolkit. Today we will look at Option Strangles or Straddles.  These are popular strategies to use when you expect a big price move, but don’t know the direction like … Read more

How to interpret Unusual Options Activity

How cool does this sound; imagine I walked up to someone at a party and told them “my trading strategy relies on Unusual Options Activity”. Probably make me feel like James Bond or at least some sophisticated business man. Most people think options are super complicated, and now we are talking about them behaving in … Read more

A little secret for the Biotech sector

The Biotech sector is a very luring and intimidating corner of the market. These are companies that develop drugs and therapies for all sorts of conditions. It is a sector where you see stocks that jump 100% or more or even lose 70% of their value in a single day! The reason for this is … Read more