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Eric is the co-Founder and Head Trader at Psycho Trader.

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You will gain selected access to our members dashboard where you can access tons of resources like all issues of the daily recap, training guides, FAQ, and more!

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We carefully continuously add trading guides and checklists for strategies that we use on a daily basis in our own personal trading. We are happy that you have them.

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Apart from receiving this daily in your inbox. We store them by date so you can access them at your convenience directly on the Members Dashboard.

Much more!

Stay updated with the community of Psychos and receive trade ideas through our social media. We post on a daily basis all types of educational content for you.

How to Access the Dashboard?

  1. Go to Homepage Login Top Right.
  2. Once logged in it turns into the dashboard button. 😉

In our own Words…

This is a Free membership where you just need to create an account and password. That will give you access to receiving the daily recap directly to your inbox, and also allow you to access the Members Dashboard at a ‘basic’ level. You will see lots of valuable, timely and actionable information. When you visit the Dashboard you can check the latest issue of the Daily Recap as well as the educational articles, or any of the FAQ’s, guides or additional resources. We strive to keep adding to the database of information as well as update anything pertinent. At Psycho Trader we designed this Free Membership as a way to provide some valuable insight on the Stock Markets and help level the playing field for everybody. After You create an account you will receive an email with further instructions, or you can also get in touch with us at

We have a Premium Membership, that has some other stuff for more hardcore traders and investors.